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Joeyband™: The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles


Did you know that when a baby is held skin-to-skin, they are 12x less likely to cry?! The Joeyband™ can help make it easy.

The Joeyband™ can help reduce crying, raise breastfeeding rates, eliminate infant falls and promote skin to skin.

Adaptable, adjustable, and easy to use, the Joeyband™ is an essential in every new parent’s toolkit. 

With countless uses up to 2 years, the Joeyband™’s value extends well beyond the Golden Hour and replaces the need for a nursing pillow, belly band and travel high chair, saving you space and money.

The Joeyband™ fits snug to you. Baby's tummy against your chest, head above your heart, band up to the nape of the baby's neck. It's that simple.

NOTE: The Joeyband™ is not a carrier, and not for co-sleeping (bedsharing). It is for proper skin-to-skin positioning and breastfeeding support.
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