About Us

Joeyband was born in 2012, out of the need and desire for safe, supported newborn snuggles.  When we welcomed my daughter, the nursing staff at the hospital encouraged and promoted skin-to-skin – we didn’t know the science behind it, but we quickly learned that this simple act kept our new baby happy, calm, and quiet.     

Two weeks to the date of her birth, we were at home, and she was snuggled peacefully on my chest; I took my hands off of her for a split second to reach for something on my night stand, and she startled and fell to the floor.  I’ll never forget that sound.  My husband and I raced to the hospital, fearing that we were unfit parents and that we’d permanently damaged our baby, when the doctor told us simply, “it happens all the time.” 

And it does. Approximately 1 in 665 newborns will fall. Many falls will result in injury, or worse.

Newborn babies want to be skin-to-skin All. The. Time.  You are their natural habitat  in fact, the first 3 months of life are called, “The Fourth Trimester, as they adjust to life outside Mom’s belly. We designed Joeyband™ to mimic the womb – its patented design and elasticity is something you won’t find with other babywearing products.   It’s naturally soothing, and babies held this way are less likely to cry. 

Within 5 weeks of launching the product, we received an endorsement from La Leche League International, and our first hospital inquiry.  Our business pivoted to servicing healthcare, and we are proud to share that Joeyband™ can be found in hospitals across North America, including leading academic institutions, and Top Ten World News facilities.  Now, we’re bringing it back to the home so you can give your baby the very best start, with skin-to-skin as often as possible, for as long as possible, with Joeyband™.  

From our family to yours, congratulations on your new addition, and enjoy the newborn snuggles. 


Hayley Mullins, inventor