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Joeyband partners with Bonsie, for the ultimate Skin-to-Skin Giveaway!

Joeyband partners with Bonsie, for the ultimate Skin-to-Skin Giveaway!

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10 Reasons Why the Joeyband™ is an Essential Part of Your Birth Plan

Bonsie has teamed up with Joeyband™, a like-minded company also on a mission to encourage new parents everywhere to practice skin-to-skin contact. Join the movement!

The Joeyband™ is revolutionizing the fourth trimester experience for caregivers and infants across the globe.
Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why the Joeyband™ is an essential part of your birth plan:
  1. The Joeyband™ reduces infant falls by 100%.

  2. The Joeyband™ soothes Baby and reduces crying by 12x.

  3. The Joeyband™ promotes infant sleep and skin-to-skin.

  4. The Joeyband™ supports and increases exclusive breastfeeding.

  5. The Joeyband™ could help lower Mom’s risk of Postpartum Disorder.

  6. The Joeyband™ supports rewiring Dad’s brain to better connect with Baby.

  7. The Joeyband™ is suitable for all Infants, including micro-preemies and multiples up to triplets.

  8. The Joeyband™ has extended uses for up to 2 years.

  9. The Joeyband™ replaces the need for a nursing pillow, belly band, travel high chair.

  10. The Joeyband™ is designed for all ages, neuro-abilities & physical abilities including ALS, wheelchair support, amputees.

Experienced healthcare exec, Sarah Almaza Cox, co-founder of Joeyband™, is Kangaroo Care Certified. Passionate about women's health, Sarah understands the importance of skin-to-skin and how the simple act can provide physiological and psychological benefits to moms, babies and caregivers around the world.

Joeyband™ ensures safety and security while performing this powerful practice.

“The Joeyband™ was invented by my colleague, Hayley Mullins, after she dropped her newborn baby while doing skin-to-skin care. At the time Hayley thought her experience was extremely rare, but it turns out it isn't. In 2021 California issued that the third week of September would be 'Newborn Falls Awareness Week' as they estimate that infant falls have increased by over 600% in the last decade.”


“There truly are so many beautiful benefits of skin-to-skin care, however, it does present a risk as the parent is quite often medicated post delivery and/or exhausted. The Joeyband™ provides parents with a safe and easy way (i.e. no buttons, zippers, hooks,) to secure their newborn to them in the proper skin-to-skin position while preventing falls. The Joeyband™ is not for co-sleeping and it is not a carrier - the latter part is important because this is what allows Joeyband™ users to be patients who can experience safe and secure skin-to-skin directly on the OR table (for c-section deliveries).”


Here’s what Sarah has to say about the importance of skin-to-skin contact after delivery and at home:


“For new parents, there can quite often be a lot of support within the hospital - nurses and clinicians guiding parents with breastfeeding, bathing, education and more. Leaving healthcare staff support and transitioning to the home, especially for new parents, can be a little overwhelming.

Mom wearing Joeyband with newborn in hospital
Skin-to-skin is a method of care that brings feelings of joy and confidence to parents as it's one of the most important things parents can do for their baby during that fourth trimester (first three months after birth).

Baby just spent nine months inside a womb where the baby could smell the birthing parent, hear their heart rate, receive nutrients and felt very safe.”

“Skin-to-skin not only provides that immediate closeness again, it also promotes significant development once the baby is earth-side. Babies held skin-to-skin are less likely to cry, can be thermoregulated (reducing risk of hypothermia), stress (cortisol) levels are lowered and babies’ brains will even grow faster! Many parents worry that their baby is not getting enough food and sleep; skin-to-skin helps with both of these concerns.”

“The benefits to mom or birthing person include reduced pain, reduced bleeding and reduced maternal anxiety and depression. The more time you can spend skin-to-skin the better! It keeps these benefits going while the baby adapts to the outside world.”

And here’s why Bonsie and Joeyband make a great team!

The Joeyband™ was designed to help parents practice skin-to-skin more easily and safely, without risk of the baby falling off mom or dad's chest. Bonsie Babywear was designed to make practicing skin-to-skin more simple, so parents don’t have to undress their babies as frequently.

Parents can use the Joeyband™ and Bonsie Babywear together while practicing skin-to-skin contact. Just dress your baby in a Bonsie, put on your Joeyband™ and get skin-to-skin!

Bonsie and The Joeyband™ want to make practicing skin-to-skin care safe and simple so that more parents will join the movement and more babies will have the best possible start in life. Every baby needs and deserves skin-to-skin care.

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