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Nurturing the Bond

Safe and easy skin-to-skin care.

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Where Love Meets Science

Emotional Wellness

Snuggle your newborn with Joeyband™. Skin-to-skin helps sync your heartbeat with your baby's, promoting peaceful sleep and happy awakenings.

Babies held skin-to-skin are 12 times less likely to cry.

Enhances the Development

Joeyband™ helps you bond with your baby through nurturing moments, improving breastfeeding benefits, and promoting the baby's physiological development, such as enhancing weight gain, sleep patterns, and cognitive and sensory development.

A Circle of Safety

In the secure hold of Joeyband™, your baby finds a haven of safety and a wellspring of confidence. This peaceful moment is a promise to protect, nurture, and love, transforming each instance of skin-to-skin contact into a treasured memory engraved in the heart.

Skin-to-Skin Care Supported by Science

"Less crying– babies who received skin-to-skin care were 12 times less likely to cry during the observation period."

Evidence Based Birth

"The International BreastFeeding Centre has also proven that premature babies as small as 2 or 3lbs develop a more stable metabolism, maintain a healthy blood sugar level and breathe better if they experience skin-to-skin immediately after birth."

The International BreastFeeding Centre

"Studies and research have shown that babies who maintain skin-to-skin contact with their mothers during the Golden Hour period are more likely to latch on to the breast."


Safe Positioning

Joeyband™ wraps your little one in the soft echo of the womb, fostering a sanctuary of calm for both parent and child.

The Joeyband™ prioritizes infant safety by supporting proper upright positioning - data shows that Joeyband™ keeps baby where they should be during skin-to-skin contact, particularly the Golden Hour.

Joeyband™ is not a wrap, carrier, or sling—it's a circle of support, embracing you and your baby in a secure and loving hold.

Simple Design

Joeyband™ is thoughtfully designed for every caregiver to use.

With its easy-to-use, adjustable fit, the Joeyband™ can be used by anyone, embracing diversity in size, gender, and ability. Its adaptable design guarantees a comfortable and secure fit for everyone, ensuring ease of use and confidence for all.

No complicated setups, just a simple, snug, and safe haven for your precious treasure.

A Breastfeeding Ally

With the Joeyband™, embrace the journey of breastfeeding with confidence. Our design nurtures the natural breastfeeding bond, supporting both mother and baby in achieving a successful nursing experience.


“Joeyband, I will forever thank you for your product. I will forever thank you for existing and changing our lives the way you did.”


“My husband loved the Joeyband even more than I did – I think it helps him feel that special bond that a lot of mothers feel through the nursing relationship. I anticipate my husband will be using this product a lot before parental leave is over.”

Alyssa J.

“At 11 days old I finally had the chance to hold them at the same time. I was so excited as they placed each twin on my chest…. When my Joeyband arrived everything changed. I still couldn’t take them in or out alone but I could finally sit in a hospital chair with my babies strapped onto me and feel safe.”


"(I) found the Joeyband to be useful both in the hospital and even now that we are at home. It allowed me to maximize my skin to skin time in the hospital and aided in breastfeeding because it supported my baby without the need for a bulky pillow. This took some of the strain off my back and neck. When I wasn’t using it to hold my daughter, I used it as a belly band to support my newly postpartum belly.”

Misty H.


Crafted from the love of nurturing and the science of skin-to-skin.

The Joeyband™ wraps your little one in the soft echo of the womb, fostering a sanctuary of calm for both parent and child.

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A baby is sleeping comfortably while being held skin-to-skin by their mother in a Joeyband.


Why is it important to include skin-to-skin in a birthing plan?

Skin-to-skin contact between mother and newborn has many benefits. It helps regulate the baby's body temperature and stabilize heart rate and breathing. Additionally, it enhances bonding and breastfeeding success and reduces stress and crying.

The Joeyband™ is a band that has been designed to support skin-to-skin contact for your baby in a safe and comfortable way. It helps position your little one correctly, is easy to use, and provides great comfort. Planning to include the Joeyband™ in your hospital bag and incorporating skin-to-skin contact in your birthing plan can lead to several positive health benefits.

The Joeyband™ is a great item to include in your baby registry.

What are some safe methods for engaging in skin-to-skin contact with my newborn?

Providing skin-to-skin contact is important for your baby's development, but it's crucial to do it safely. Here are some tips to ensure safety:

  1. Position your baby upright against your chest, with their head turned to one side, so their airways are clear.
  2. Always stay awake and alert while holding your baby skin-to-skin.
  3. Use a comfortable chair or bed with back support to avoid discomfort.
  4. Make sure your baby's face, nose, and mouth are not covered by any blankets or clothing to prevent overheating and ensure easy breathing.
  5. Use a skin-to-skin band like Joeyband™ to help position your baby in the safe upright position and avoid risk of fall.

Following these tips will help you safely enjoy the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn.

How does the Joeyband™ assist in safe skin-to-skin contact?

The Joeyband™ is a safe and adjustable band that keeps your baby secure during skin-to-skin contact. Allowing you to maintain skin-to-skin contact while having your hands free making it easier for you to monitor your baby. Using the Joeyband™ can make for a more relaxed and safer experience for both you and your baby. It is important to remember that the Joeyband™ is not intended for use as a carrier, and should only be used while sitting or lying in a reclined position.

Can skin-to-skin contact improve breastfeeding success?

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to promote breastfeeding success is through skin-to-skin contact. Skin-to-skin contact helps your newborn instinctually seek the breast, enhances milk production, reduces stress for both you and your baby, and helps establish a regular feeding routine. It also improves your baby's gut health and immunity, facilitates better latching, and promotes overall well-being.

Breastfeeding can be challenging, but with skin-to-skin contact, you can create a favourable environment for a positive breastfeeding journey. Using a Joeyband™ can increase skin-to-skin contact time and, at the same time, improve your breastfeeding success.

Can fathers and other caregivers use a Joeyband™?

Absolutely! Thanks to its adjustable design, the Joeyband™ can be used by any caregiver. Skin-to-skin contact between a baby and any caregiver provides many benefits for both.

Just 30 minutes of uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact between a father and his newborn can wire their brain to create an emotional bond. It's a powerful and natural way to strengthen the connection between a father and his baby.