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A warm hug from our heart, to your newborn.

Used in top hospitals and by families around the world, Joeyband™ eases the transition from womb to world,  giving babies the healthiest start and supporting parents.   Proven to improve breastfeeding success, enhance bonding, lower stress levels and more, the Joeyband™ is for the Fourth Trimester, and beyond.

Joeyband™ - The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles
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Each size has 21" of adjustability, providing a more universal fit for both parents, and changing bodies.
Size A – 24-45” 
Size B – 39-60” 
Sie C – 54-75” 
Each size has 12" of adjustability, resulting in less bulk. 
Size S – 22-34” 
Size M – 30-42” 
Size L – 38-50” 
Blue, Pink, Black - availability may vary based on size.
No - Joeyband ™ is designed without a pocke so it can be closed to the front, back or side, depending on the use scenario (i.e. the operating room, or NICU).
Yes - SleepBelt ® must be closed to the back.
Good for twins, triplets? 
Made in Canada 
Soft, stretchy nylon 
spandex blend 
Soft, stretchy nylon 
spandex blend 

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Testimonials by Parents

Porter and I loved the Joeyband™ as it offers a safe way to do skin to skin. Great for the hospital and at home, we've been using it for the last two weeks since he's been born. I love that I can be hands free. He loves the soft and stretchy material. This is a go to for any mom that wants the benefits of skin to skin.

Dora B.

When they put my daughter on my chest and wrapped me in, I felt so secure and did not have the fears of her falling that I'd had with previous c-sections.

Karis H.

The Joeyband™ helped me during a time when I was filled with anxiety and emotions that I could not explain. A time where I was so exhausted beyond recollection, but this band kept my baby close. Closer than any embrace, closer than any hug. It was the best gift of all - A connection with my first born. Then again with my second. You don't realize at that moment how important skin to skin really is. Joeyband™ helped me with all this.

Patricia I.

Testimonials By Hospitals

As part of our Gentle Transition Initiative at NCH, we have introduced the Joeyband™ which cradles baby to mother, promoting skin-to-skin contact while also preventing newborn drops as mother adapts to holding her new baby. We have received positive feedback since we started using the Joeyband in January (2018).

Nenette Cacal, Clinical Nurse Manager, Northwest Community Healthcare

Parents have told us they feel baby is more secure  and they feel more safe (with  the Joeyband™). 

Nadean Dort, Pediatrics/NICU unit manager, Alberta Health Services

All the feedback from (patients) has been that it's really comfortable and they've really enjoyed that experience...This product has enabled us to do something for new women in the immediate hours after a caesarean section.

Scott Harrison, Director for the Maternity Centre, St. Paul’s Hospital

Joeyband™ & The Golden Hour

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The Vancouver Sun

St. Paul’s hospital trials new device for skin-to-skin care after c-sections. 

The stretchable nylon-spandex Joeyband holds a newborn snuggly against its mother's chest and abdomen after birth.

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The band for a closer bond. This is a Canadian first! Tom Walsh tells us Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital is testing out a maternity positioning band that allows mothers who deliver their babies by C-section to safely engage in skin-to-skin contact.

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CTV News Vancouver

St Paul’s introduces first-in-Canada maternity Positioning Band. 

A maternity positioning band is being offered at St. Paul’s Hospital to help mothers and their infants in the operating room

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