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About Joeyband™

the partners at Joeyband

Sarah, Hayley, and Ashley—the partners at Joeyband™

Joeyband™ was invented in 2012, out of the need and desire for safe, supported newborn snuggles. Our dream is to have Joeyband™ as available for all parents who want to practice safe skin-to-skin.  We’re the premiere skin-to-skin product, but when we started out, little didn’t we know how many millions of dollars fortune 500 companies had put into trying to develop a product like the Joeyband™.  Why you may ask?  Because babies want to be skin-to-skin (all the time!), you are their natural habitat—in fact, the first 3 months of life are called, “The Fourth Trimester”, as they adjust to life outside Mom’s belly.
We designed Joeyband™ to mimic the womb – its patented design and elasticity is something you won’t find with other babywearing products. It’s naturally soothing, and babies held this way are less likely to cry.