Joeyband™ for Hospitals

Because Every Baby is at Risk.
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In the Operating Room: Immediate Skin-to-Skin for all C-Section Moms

The Joeyband™ is the only skin-to-skin product used in all neonatal care settings: labour and delivery, the operating room, the NICU, and at home. The Joeyband™ helps secure baby to mom directly on the operating table, immediately after birth so mom and baby can stay together through repair, transport, and into recovery.

A game changer for NICU parents, and proven to improve patient satisfaction

Joeyband™ is easy to use and comfortable for parents, with no strain on the neck, back or shoulders, and no knots digging in. It also prevents slipping and extubation in the NICU. It's appropriate for multiples (twins & triplets), and micro-preemies, and offers quick and safe access to baby in an emergency with no hooks, buttons, and zippers.

Joeyband™ helps prevent infant falls, injury and suffocation in delivery and recovery

Research suggests newborns fall at a rate of 1 in 667, and the cost of care of an infant fall with no injury is $15,000 USD. Approximately 50% of falls result in a skull fracture, or greater injury, and settlements can range from $5M - $42M. Multiple academic institutional studies show an elimination of infant falls with the introduction of Joeyband™. We know your hospital is experiencing them. Joeyband™ is here to help support and protect you.

Joeyband™ is the only skin-to-skin product proven to improve breastfeeding rates

A 2017 study showed an increase in exclusive breastfeeding rates and early initiation... just by introducing the Joeyband™. Joeyband™ can also be used:

  • In place of traditional Fetal Monitor Straps
  • To soothe mothers in labor
  • To gently support the abdomen in place of a belly band
  • To eliminate the need for bulky and expensive breastfeeding pillows

Get the Joeyband™ for Hospitals

Joeyband™ is trusted by top hospitals and used by families around the world. It's the best way to give newborns the healthiest start, and the only skin-to-skin product that can be used in all hospital care settings and at home.

What are the Benefits of Implementing Joeyband™?

  • \Helps to prevent newborn falls in hospital
  • Helps to increase patient satisfaction and safety scores
  • Helps raise breastfeeding rates with increased skin-to-skin
  • Helps to reduce postpartum depression rates with increased skin-to-skin bonding
  • Private labelling & customization available

Tangible Cost Savings when Implementing Joeyband™

  • Prevent Infant falls & the cost of care/legal fees, settlements associated with them
  • Falls occur at a rate of 1 in 667 (source: click here)
  • One half of falls will result in a skull fracture or greater injury
  • Falling out of proper position increases risk of infant suffocation
  • Cost per fall may range from $15K (no injury) through >$40M (settlement)
  • Falls are a sentinel event & should be prevented
  • Can facilitate extended Kangaroo Care in the NICU, which helps shorten length of stay and saves money
  • Skin-to-skin helps support successful breastfeeding, reducing costs associated with donor milk and/or formula (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative)

Is Joeyband™ FDA cleared?

  • The Joeyband™ is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device.
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