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Facilitating Safe Skin-to-Skin Care from OR to Postpartum.

Improving outcomes for mother and baby.

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Supporting Nurses and Patients

Improves Workflow

The Joeyband™ enables mothers to safely care for newborns, reducing nurses' workload and stress while improving workflow and department efficiencies.

Keeping Baby Safe

The Joeyband™ ensures proper skin-to-skin positioning, helping to mitigate infant falls and providing peace of mind for nurses and patients alike.

Patient Satisfaction

The Joeyband™ simplifies skin-to-skin care for nurses and empowers new parents to safely care for their newborns, increasing patient satisfaction and improving outcomes.


Where Love Meets Science

Smart Design

The Joeyband™ is the leading skin-to-skin device used in all neonatal care settings: labour and delivery, the operating room, the NICU, and at home. The Joeyband™ secures the baby to the mother on the operating table after birth keeping them together through repair, transport, and recovery. Making it possible to provide skin-to-skin contact in the OR after a C-Section. Its simple yet secure design helps prevents slipping and extubation in the NICU, and allows for quick and safe emergency access to the baby since, unlike other bands, Joeyband™ does not have hooks, buttons, or zippers.

One Size fits Most

The Joeyband™ Pro simplifies newborn care in diverse settings, including the OR table, NICU, L&D, and Postpartum.

With its universal design, the Joeyband™ PRO can be used by a wide range of patients, caregivers, and newborns, including singletons, twins, and triplets. The Joeyband™ PRO has a wide range of adjustability and is also offered in a bariatric size.

Joeyband™ Pro provides a secure fit for premature and full-term babies and for patients and caregivers with mobility constraint promoting universal accessibility. This solution streamlines clinical staff workflow in the OR, NICU, L&D, and Postpartum care.

Proper Positioning

The Joeyband™ Pro allows for safe skin-to-skin contact, securely wrapping the baby in soft fabric close to its caregiver. During skin-to-skin care, the design places the newborn in an upright position, reducing strain on the neck, back, and shoulders of the caregiver while providing easy access to the baby for healthcare staff.

⚠️ The Joeyband™ Pro is not a carrier, and is not for co-sleeping.

In the Press

"Harrison said using the [Joeyband™] to support newborns frees up nurses to focus more on breastfeeding, monitoring the mother’s vital signs and other important duties."

Scott Harrison, director for the maternity centre at St. Paul’s

“As part of our Gentle Transition Initiative at NCH, we have introduced this snug-fitting wrap called the Joeyband which cradles baby to mother, promoting skin-to-skin contact while also preventing newborn drops as mother adapts to holding her new baby,” ... “We have received positive feedback since we started using the Joeyband in January.”

Nenette Cacal, Clinical Nurse Manager at NCH.

“Parents have told us they feel baby is more secure and they feel more safe (with the Joeyband).”

Nadean Dort, Pediatrics/NICU unit manager

Economic Benefits of Skin-to-Skin

Increased Patient Satisfaction

A study at a Connecticut Hospital showed a 26% increase in patient satisfaction.

Earlier Discharge

Patients who engage in skin-to-skin care (SSC) are often discharged up to 2.4 days earlier, potentially saving over $13,000 per patient. The Joeyband™ can help to increase SSC time.

Supporting Safety

The Joeyband™ can help support proper skin-to-skin positioning, thereby potentially mitigating legal costs. Settlement payouts in such cases can exceed $40 million.

Improves Staff Conditions

According to a 2021 California Hospital study, 93% of nurses reported elimination of shoulder, neck, and wrist pain, which was previously associated with holding babies in place on the OR table.

Reduced Need for Milk

With enhanced breastfeeding success through SSC, the need for donor milk, which ranges in cost from $27 to $590 per infant, may decrease.

Lower NICU and Care Costs

Implementing the Joeyband™ can help reduce NICU admissions and care costs stemming from infant falls.

Joeyband™ an essential tool in modern maternity and neonatal care, providing a win-win solution for patients, staff, and hospitals.

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Is there a support team available to train and educate nurses on how to use the Joeyband™?

We offer comprehensive training for nurses to use the Joeyband™ effectively, including policy documentation, patient competency forms, and training videos. Our program ensures safe use of the Joeyband™ in various clinical settings. Additionally, we provide ongoing support through a monthly Customer Success Program, in-person assistance, and a dedicated email address for customer inquiries. We also send quarterly community emails to keep our customers updated.

Is there any clinical evidence?

Yes, there is clinical data supporting the effectiveness of the Joeyband™, which has been used by over 100,000 babies for skin-to-skin contact. This evidence has made the Joeyband™ a popular choice for baby care at home, in hospitals and the exclusive skin-to-skin device of La Leche League International.

This Evidence Supports the Benefits of Skin to Skin after a Cesarean

Will the integration of Joeyband™ disrupt our current hospital workflows, especially in critical areas like the NICU, postpartum, and operating room?

The integration of the Joeyband™ can improve hospital workflows, especially in critical areas like the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), postpartum units, and operating rooms.

The Joeyband™ offers multiple benefits that are aligned with the needs of hospital workflows in critical areas. It promotes bonding between mother and infant, reduces nursing workload for infant care, minimizes physical strain on nurses, and aligns with safety protocols.

Efficient and satisfactory nursing care leads to an increase in patient satisfaction.

How does Joeyband™ ensure the safety of newborns during skin-to-skin care, and does it comply with safety standards?

The Joeyband™ is a product that aims to improve the safety of newborns during skin-to-skin care in various ways. It is designed to comply with safety standards and ensures the safety of newborns through its secure holding mechanism, adjustable fit, ease of use, promotion of safe sleep practices, compliance with hospital safety standards, reduction of fatigue-related accidents, safe materials, and support from clinical research. All these features make the Joeyband™ a valuable tool in enhancing the safety and effectiveness of skin-to-skin care in hospital settings.