Joeyband™—an Essential Part of Your Hospital Bag

Joeyband™ was invented in 2012, out of the need and desire for safe, supported newborn snuggles. Our dream is to make Joeyband™ available for all parents who want to practice safe skin-to-skin. We’re the premiere skin-to-skin product, but when we started out, little didn’t we know how many millions of dollars fortune 500 companies had put into trying to develop a product like the Joeyband™.

Why you may ask?

Because babies want to be skin-to-skin (all the time!), as they adjust to life outside Mom’s belly. You are their natural habitat—in fact, the first 3 months of life are called “The Fourth Trimester”. We designed Joeyband™ to mimic the womb – its patented design and elasticity is something you won’t find with other babywearing products. It’s naturally soothing, and babies held this way are less likely to cry.

How did the idea for the Joeyband™ first come about?


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