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The Joeyband™ and skin-to-skin care

How is it different from other babywearing products?

Joeyband™ is not meant to replace your carrier… it’s meant to complement your babywearing journey, from day one.

Babywearing products are traditionally meant for walking around, and carrying baby. These products have stiffness in them, in order to bear weight - here’s where we differ; because Joeyband™ is not weight bearing (aka NOT for standing or walking), it is soft and stretchy, naturally mimicking the womb. The elasticity in the product hugs baby to you, maximizing contact, and ensuring baby stays in proper position. The messenger-style velcro is adjustable, meaning, no matter your shape, or how your postpartum body may change, your Joeyband™ will continue to fit.

Quick and easy to get on (literally, seconds), Joeyband™ has no knots, clips, buckles or zippers to dig into sensitive skin. There is also no strain on the wearers neck, back, or shoulders, and the simple design allows for seamless transfer from chest to crib. Also, there are a multitude of ways to use the product.

How do i put my Joeyband on?

Wrap it around your torso, with velcro to the backside. Until you get used to this motion, you can velcro to the front or side, and “scootch” it around until velcro is at your back (kind of like putting on a bra). Pull the band down, place baby on your chest (upright, between the breasts, with face visible), and pull the band up to the nape of baby’s neck. Back and bum should be supported.

How do I ensure proper positioning and safety?

Safe skin-to-skin follows the T.I.C.K.S. of babywearing:

  1. Baby is supported, Tight to your chest.
  2. Baby’s face is In view. You can see their airways are not covered/obstructed.
  3. Baby is Close enough to kiss. They are high up, on the chest plate, vs between the breasts… you can nod your head, and kiss your sweet babe without strain.
  4. Keep baby’s chin off their chest. This positioning (chin to chest) can result in pinched airways)
  5. Support baby’s back. That’s what a Joeyband™ is for!
How does sizing work?

You want Joeyband™ to fit based on the adult wearer’s size, as it will stretch to accommodate baby.  The key is to have the product snug and supportive, essentially mimicking the womb to keep baby secure.  We offer 3 sizes, which fit almost everyone!

Size A - with a span of 24” - 45”, size A fits up to American dress size 16.  Most Average builds will fit a size A.

Size B - with a span of 39” - 60“, size B fits American dress sizes 12-26.  Most Plus size build will fit a size B.

Size C - with a span of 54” - 75”, size C fits American dress sizes 3X - 7X).  

Because the baby will be placed high, between the breasts, we recommend measuring around the top of the rib cage and nipple lie to ensure a snug fit. 

Is there a weight limit?

Because the Joeyband™ is not a weight bearing product (think of it as a stretchy hug for baby), there is no weight limit; baby will outgrow it developmentally before they outgrow it physically.

If your baby is premature, ensure your baby is medically ready for skin-to-skin.

How can it be used? For how long?

The primary function of the product is to support ergonomic skin-to-skin, which can be done from birth, until the baby gets too squirmy (often around 4 months). Due to the design and quality of the product, there are a myriad of other ways the product can support you and your baby, such as:

  • Belly Support Band in pregnancy
  • Ergonomic breastfeeding for the first year (brings the baby to your breast, vs having to hunch over to the baby).
  • During air travel
  • Holds baby forward facing on your lap (once baby has head and beck control)
  • As an ad-hoc high chair during toddlerhood (never leave baby unattended)
  • Support in a grocery cart
    Use to support a hot water bottle or heating pad to your back/abdomen
Can I walk around with it?

The Joeyband™ is not a carrier, the band is not weight bearing. It should only be used when caregivers are seated or reclined.

Can I sleep with it?

No. The caregiver should be awake and alert. The band is not to be used for co-sleeping.

Can i wash it?

Yes!  Care for it like you would your favourite athletic or swim wear.  We recommend hand washing and drying flat, but you can also toss it in the washing machine, and dryer (tumble dry on low) to maintain elasticity.  Make sure you bind the velcro so it doesn’t snag on other clothing.