Minimizing Infant Fall Risk At Your Hospital

Benefits to the Hospital - ROI Snapshot
Mother holds infant during Golden Hour in the O.R.
What are the Benefits of Implementing Joeyband?
Position your facility as a leader in care
Increase patient satisfaction and safety scores
Raise breastfeeding rates with increased skin-to-skin
Reduce postpartum depression rates with increased skin-to-skin bonding
Private labelling & customization available 
Prevent Infant falls & the cost of care/legal fees, settlements associated with them
Falls occur at a rate of 1 in 667 (source: click here)
One half of falls will result in a skull fracture or greater injury
Falling out of proper position increases risk of infant suffocation
Cost per fall may range from $15K (no injury) through >$40M (settlement)
Falls are a sentinel event & should be prevented
Facilitates extended Kangaroo Care in the NICU, which helps shorten length of stay and saves money
Skin-to-skin helps support successful breastfeeding, reducing costs associated with donor milk and/or formula (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative)
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and supporting research.