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The Joeyband™ Supports Proper Positioning of Baby in Labor/Delivery and Recovery

The only skin-to-skin device proven to support proper positioning for 60+ mins
Joeyband & Positioning to Prevent Infant Falls
  • Infant Falls are under-researched and under-reported.
  • A fall can include a slip out of proper skin-to-skin positioning (upright, between the breasts).  Joeyband™ project data shows that our device supports proper positioning for 60 minutes+.
  • Research suggests newborns fall at a rate of 1 in 667 - see here. 
  • Cost of care on an Infant Fall with no injury is $15,000 USD
  • Approximately 50% of falls result in a skull fracture, or greater injury
  • Settlements can range from $5M - $42M
We know your hospital is experiencing them. 

Joeyband is here to support and protect you. 

Quick Fact: depending on the Statue of Limitations for medical malpractice in your state, mothers can bring lawsuits forward after the infant fall?  

A recent (public) example here.  

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Joeyband is simply the device you can't afford NOT to have.
Joeyband is not for co-sleeping, and is not a carrier.