How Joeyband Helps Prevent Infant Falls, Injury and Suffocation in Labor/Delivery and Recovery

Joeyband by SleepBelt can Help Prevent Infant Falls
Infant Falls are under-researched and under-reported.
A fall can mean falling to the floor, falling into the bedding, or falling into a dangerous position.
Recent research suggests newborns fall at a rate of 1 in 667 - see here. 
Cost of care on an Infant Fall with no injury is $15,000
Approximately 50% of falls result in a skull fracture, or greater injury
Settlements for a skull francture are approximately $10M, while a suffocation can be $42M
We know you're experiencing them. 

Joeyband is here to support and protect you:  Did you know that depending on the statue of limitations for medical malpractice in your state, mothers may be able to bring forward a lawsuit years into the future?  A recent (public) example of that can be found here.  Let’s work together to keep our moms and babies safe, through proven preventative care.

Joeyband is simply the product you can't afford NOT to have.