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Skin-to-Skin Device


Embrace Parenthood with Confidence.

with the Power of Skin-to-Skin and the Joeyband™

Fostering your baby's development and strengthening your bond with them.

Reduces Crying

During skin-to-skin contact, oxytocin, the "love hormone," is released, promoting emotional
connection between parents and babies, reducing stress and anxiety.

Safe Skin-to-Skin Care

The Joeyband™ design prioritizes baby safety by supporting the baby in the proper upright position and helps mitigate falls during skin-to-skin sessions.

Support Breastfeeding

Joeyband™ facilitates a safe and proper position for skin-to-skin contact during the Golden Hour, increasing the likeliness for your baby to latch onto the breast. 

Easy to use

The Joeyband™ is made from a 4-way stretch fabric and features a robust hook and loop closure. Unlike other bands that use zippers, our patented design is user-friendly and much more comfortable.

The Joeyband™ provides a soft and stretchy hug, naturally mimicking the womb.


The Joeyband™ is available in 3 sizes. Each size offers enough adjustability for different caregivers or to provide skin-to-skin care for one baby, twins, or triplets. The Joeyband™ can be used from the Golden Hour throughout your baby's first year and will adapt to your changing body post-pregnancy.

In addition, The Joeyband™ is a versatile product that can be used for up to two years during nursing. It replaces the need for a nursing pillow and can also be used as a belly band or travel high chair, which saves you both space and money.

Fabric promotes natural bacterial transfer

The Joeyband’s™ supportive and stretchy fabric is free from antibacterial properties, enabling the transfer of mom’s good bacteria.

The transfer of beneficial bacteria from the mother to the baby is crucial in shaping the baby's immune, digestive, and brain systems.

67% Rayon, 28% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Oeko Tex Certified - ensuring you that your Joeyband™ is free from harmful substances, meets safety standards, and is environmentally responsible.

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A simple skin-to-skin band designed to support you and your baby.

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Who is Joeyband for?

Can the Joeyband be use with preterm babies?

Absolutely! The Joeyband™ is not only suitable for use with preterm babies but is specifically designed to cater to their unique needs. Tailored for multiples such as twins and triplets, as well as micro-preemies, the Joeyband™ provides a secure and nurturing environment without the use of hooks, buttons, or zippers.

In emergency situations, where quick and safe access to your baby is paramount, the Joeyband™ stands out as the ideal choice. Its thoughtful design ensures easy accessibility without compromising on safety.

The benefits of the Joeyband™ extend to all babies, but its impact is particularly significant for preterm or low birthweight babies. These little ones, who may be more susceptible to hypothermia or infections, experience a stabilizing effect through the practice of skin-to-skin care. The Joeyband™ is a reliable companion that prioritizes the well-being of your preterm baby, offering comfort and security during those crucial early moments.

Can the Joeyband be used by caregivers with mobility constraints?

Featuring an easy-to-use and adjustable design, the Joeyband™ empowers every caregiver, regardless of their physical and neuro abilities, to effortlessly create meaningful moments of connection with their baby. Whether someone is using a wheelchair or facing other mobility challenges, the Joeyband™ is a versatile tool that allows them to engage with their baby while freeing their hands.

For caregivers who may be lying down with their baby, the Joeyband™ offers the safest way to prevent falls, prioritizing both comfort and security. It is a valuable and inclusive solution, enabling caregivers of all abilities to embrace the joys of bonding with their baby without limitations.

Can the Joeyband be use for twins or triplets?

The Joeyband™ is perfectly suited for caregivers with one baby, twins or triplets.

Crafted from a luxurious 4-way stretch fabric and available in three sizes, each Joeyband™ size offers ample adjustability with velcro closures. Its thoughtful design aims for versatility as the same band can be used to facilitate skin-to-skin care for one baby, twins, or even triplets.

Can the Joeyband be used if I had a c-section?

Absolutely, the Joeyband™ is a game-changer for parents undergoing C-sections.

With 21% of parents delivering via C-section, the practice of skin-to-skin contact can be challenging due to muscle weakness and drowsiness post-surgery. The Joeyband™, featuring a patented design, addresses this concern by allowing immediate skin-to-skin contact on the operating table after birth.

This innovative solution supports C-section parents and babies in various ways. It facilitates safe snuggling during the crucial 'Golden Hour,' promoting the release of bonding hormones and reducing anxiety. Moreover, skin-to-skin contact supports the baby's immune system, stabilizing body temperature and regulating breathing.

The Joeyband™ is not only a post-surgery solution but an ongoing support for breastfeeding at home during the recovery period. By enabling uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact, it ensures that the baby benefits from the same bacteria as the mother, fostering a stronger immune system. In essence, the Joeyband™ is a vital tool for C-section parents, providing a seamless and secure way to embrace the benefits of skin-to-skin bonding from the moment of birth and throughout the recovery process.

Product Care

How do I clean my Joeyband?

Joeyband™ can be hand washed, or machine washed.

Bind the hook and loop prior to washing so it doesn’t snag on your other clothes.

Wash on a gentle, cool setting, and either air dry flat, or tumble dry low – just like you would your favourite swimsuit or athletic wear.

Is Joeyband™ Oeko Tex Certified?

Yes, the Joeyband™ uses Oeko-Tex certified fabric. This certification ensures that the product meets rigorous safety and environmental ustainability standards. The label on the Joeyband™ signifies that it has been thoroughly tested and certified according to these standards.

The Oeko-Tex certification provides consumers with confidence and demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to product safety and environmental responsibility.


When will my order arrive?

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Can I change or cancel my order?

You can modify or cancel your order before it ships. To make any changes or cancel your order, please email