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Have you ever heard of putting on bake sales to fund bringing a device into the hospital?  Nurses calling their representative in tears, because they love the device so much? Patients sharing stories with vendors about how their hospital experience changed their life?  

We Have.

At Joeyband, we put our heart in our brand.

The Joeyband is in over 300 hospitals across North America, and used by some of the most reputable facilities in the world.  

The Joeyband enables clinicians to conduct safe skin-to-skin practices, when mothers deliver their newborns in hospital.

The Joeyband ensures the newborn is supported, with proper skin-to-skin positioning, which, when not done properly, can result in an infant fall.

At Joeyband, we work with hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, and Global Key Opinion Leaders to ensure we are best supporting all families.

Invented by a mother who dropped her baby, we understand the importance of bonding safely... Which is why the Joeyband is the exclusive skin-to-skin device of La Leche League International.

Joeyband is not for co-sleeping, and is not a carrier.