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Size Chart for the Joeyband™

To measure for the Joeyband™, follow these simplified steps:
  1. Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Make sure the measuring tape is level and snug, but not too tight.
  3. Note the measurement in inches.
  4. Refer to the Joeyband size chart to find your corresponding size.
Joeyband™ Size Chest Measurement (in inches) Dress Size
A 24 - 45 2 - 16 S - M
B 39 - 60 12 - 26 M - XXL
C 54 - 75 3X - 7X XXL-7XL


The Joeyband is a flexible device designed for skin-to-skin positioning, and it comes in three sizes that can fit caregivers of all sizes, ranging from small to 7XL.

The device is adjustable, which makes it possible for caregivers of different sizes to use the same band.

Additionally, it can be used to provide skin-to-skin care for one baby or up to three babies simultaneously.


⚠️ The Joeyband™ is not a carrier and should only be used when caregivers are seated or reclined.

⚠️ The Joeyband™ is not a co-sleeping device and should only be used when the caregiver is awake and alert.