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Why Joeyband™?

The Joeyband™ is a simple product, but it is revolutionizing the fourth trimester experience for caregivers and infants across the globe.
Here are our Top 10 Reasons Why the Joeyband™ is an Absolute Essential for Every Parent.


1 The Joeyband™ reduces infant falls by 100%.
2 The Joeyband™ soothes Baby and reduces crying by 12x.
3 The Joeyband™ promotes infant sleep and skin-to-skin.
4 The Joeyband™ supports and increases exclusive breastfeeding
5 The Joeyband™ could help lower Mom’s risk of Postpartum Disorder.
6 The Joeyband™ supports rewiring Dad’s brain to better connect with Baby.
7 The Joeyband™ is suitable for all Infants, including micro-preemies and multiples up to triplets.
8 The Joeyband™ has extended uses for up to 2 years.
9 The Joeyband™ replaces the need for a nursing pillow, belly band, travel high chair. 
10 The Joeyband™ is designed for all ages, neuro-abilities & physical abilities including ALS, wheelchair support, amputees.