An essential part of your birth plan.

Supports skin-to-skin. Trusted by Hospitals. Data Driven.

The Joeyband™ is changing the standard of care in maternity. Join the movement.

Joeyband™ is designed for prolonged skin-to-skin care - something every baby needs and deserves.

Babies held skin-to-skin are proven to have stronger immune systems, more ready to fight illness and disease. Babies held skin-to-skin are 12x less likely to cry.

Babies held skin-to-skin sleep better, longer. Skin-to-skin increases endorphins, strengthening bonding for all caregivers, including the non-birthing parent. Joeyband is not a wrap, carrier or sling.

Living Room or Operating Room, singletons to triplets; The Joeyband™ outperforms.

May Help Improve Breastfeeding

The Joeyband™ may help to increase breastfeeding rates. A 2017 study showed increases in breastfeeding rates and early initiation, just by introducing Joeyband™. Joeyband™ is the premiere, patented, skin-to-skin product trusted by families around the world for safe cuddles at home and the exclusive skin-to-skin partner of La Leche League International.

May Help Prevent Infant Falls

Research suggests newborns fall at a rate of 1 in 667, and approximately 50% of falls result in a skull fracture, or greater injury. Multiple academic institutional studies show an elimination of infant falls with the introduction of Joeyband™ .

Joeyband™ is here to support and protect you and your newborn.

May lower mom's risk of postpartum mood disorder

Skin-to-skin promotes the release of hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins which spark intense feelings of love and happiness. Time spent practicing skin-to-skin also reduces cortisol, the primary stress hormone. A 2021 project shows that introducing Joeyband™ helps reduce maternal anxiety.

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Hear from parents who love the Joeyband™

Quote Icon Jon M

The Joeyband was an essential relief to us for the birth of our little nugget. The first few nights she could only fall asleep when she was skin to skin with mom or dad. Laying back with baby in the Joeyband was perfect as I didn't have to constantly worry about her falling over. It also allowed me to comfort the child and give mom a break for a while. It's quite rewarding as a new dad to calm down baby like mother can. Thank you JoeyBand.

Quote Icon Dora B

Porter and I loved the Joeyband™ as it offers a safe way to do skin to skin. Great for the hospital and at home, we've been using it for the last two weeks since he's been born. This is a go to for any mom that wants the benefits of skin to skin.

Quote Icon Karis H

When they put my daughter on my chest and wrapped me in, I felt so secure and did not have the fears of her falling that I'd had with previous c-sections.

Quote Icon Patricia I

A time where I was so exhausted beyond recollection, but this band kept my baby close. Closer than any embrace, closer than any hug. It was the best gift of all - A connection with my first born.

Quote Icon Deanna K

I rarely took it off in the hospital and it was a lifesaver; literally! My husband even used it in the hospital! The hospital I birthed at actually has you sign an agreement stating you agree to not sleep or you won't fall asleep with your baby because someone sadly dropped their baby weeks prior. I can only imagine; that could have been me years ago.

Quote Icon Julie B.

I just wanted to share how helpful this product has been, after delivering my baby during Covid-19 times. With visitors and support restricted, I felt like I was struggling, and the Joeyband supported me and my baby, literally. I was able to settle my baby fast, and comfortably, and was able to relax and recover myself. No small feat with a partner who had to go back to work outside the home shortly after our son was born. Thank you.