Mother keeps baby in skin-to-skin contact with Joeyband
Mother of twins secures both infants to breasts using Joeyband
Mother swaddles infant secure from fall using Joeyband
Baby held to mother with skin to skin contact using Joeyband
Mother in operating room with infant secured with Joeyband

Joeyband by SleepBelt

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Designed to facilitate the Golden Hour and extended skin-to-skin, while preventing infant falls in hospital.  
Joeyband by SleepBelt is the clinical version of SleepBelt (, designed for use in a hospital setting and comes with policies and procedures. 
The band is quick and easy to get on, and may be customized and co-branded as a take-home for your patients.  
Joeyband has a consumer life of ~2 years, and can easily be laundered at home.
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SIZING RULE OF THUMB: You want the band to fit snug to the parent, and stretch to accommodate baby.  If using in a c-section, belt will be wrapped around the mother's chest, so measure accordingly.