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How Joeyband™ Revolutionized Baby Care in the 21st Century

baby sleeping on dad chest

Crying, confused and totally overwhelmed is how most babies enter the world—and for many new parents, the feeling can be mutual!

While the arrival of your new baby brings a sense of unparalleled joy, new parenthood is uncharted territory and it can feel like there’s an ocean of products, processes and knowledge to wrap your head around as you navigate the best way to care for your baby.

The only skin-to-skin product that can be used in all hospital care settings and at home, the Joeybandaims to remove some of the anxiety that affects both parent and baby as they get used to their new realities. Made from Nylon Spandex (imagine your favourite yoga pants), the Joeybandis designed to ease the transition from womb to world, helping parents practise skin-to-skin contact, improve breastfeeding success, enhance bonding and lower stress levels for both baby and parent.

Here are some of the ways Joeyband revolutionized baby care in the 21st century. 

Joeyband™ Accommodates Different Body Shapes and Sizes

Times have changed since baby care was considered solely a ‘“mom” job, and the world is increasingly raising its awareness and acceptance of the different shapes, sizes and types of bodies that carry out baby care.

Joeybandknows that parenthood doesn’t adhere to a “one size fits all” approach, and our product reflects that. Joeybandis leading inclusivity in the parenting space by providing three different sizes of band to accommodate different shapes, sizes and body frames.

Entirely unique in its design, the JoeybandTM is the only skin-to-skin product on the market that’s designed for seated use and free of uncomfortable or fidgety straps, zippers, buckles or clips. The JoeybandTM simply wraps around mom’s torso, baby against her, with large Velcro panels to secure it at the front, back or side. The Joeyband’s messenger-style velcro closure is adjustable, meaning no matter your shape, or how your postpartum body may change, your Joeyband™ will continue to fit. Each size has 21 inches of adjustability, providing a more universal fit for different caregivers and changing bodies. This means that mom, dad, older siblings and grandparents can all use the Joeyband™  to hold and care for your baby.

The Joeyband™ is also unique in the way it mimics the womb – its patented design and elasticity is something you won’t find with other skin-to-skin products. The Joeybandis naturally soothing, and babies held this way are less likely to cry.


New Parents and Caregivers Can Feel Supported With Baby

Infant falls are a very common problem that nobody talks about. Every year, approximately 1 in 665 newborns will fall—and while the stigma and shame surrounding the issue often silences parents, the fear of it happening remains. In fact, it was this exact issue that galvanized the launch of the Joeybandbrand. 

When co-owner Hayley’s two-week old baby got startled and fell off her chest,  doctors at the hospital told her “it happens all the time”. She then dedicated her life to filling an unmet need among new parents, and the Joeybandis now in over 200 hospitals across North America to assist with baby care.

Kelley Reddington, a Nurse Manager, explains how the Joeyband™ has assisted skin-to-skin contact during the “golden hour” after birth. “All of our Moms may use the Joeyband in their postpartum room to facilitate that bond necessary for breastfeeding success, with the added benefit of infant fall prevention.”

Using velcro straps to secure you and baby to your chest, the Joeyband™ ensures newborns experience proper skin-to-skin positioning while reducing any threat of falling. This has been particularly useful for women who deliver via C-section who, because of surgical practices and operating room procedures, may have to wait anywhere from five to 30 minutes before holding their baby for the first time. 

The premiere skin-to-skin product that can be used in a hospital care setting and at home, parents can feel supported from the delivery room to the sofa as they continue on their skin-to-skin journey.

Hands-Free Baby Handling Support  During Skin-to-Skin

The Joeyband™ has helped over 100,000 babies to snuggle, and is quickly becoming a staple for baby care in the home. As the only skin-to-skin product that has clinical data backing it, the Joeyband™  is also the exclusive skin-to-skin product of La Leche League International.

Healthcare professionals recommend maximizing skin-to-skin contact as often as possible in the first weeks and months of life (or what is also known as “The Fourth Trimester”). This is to promote the baby’s physiological development, as well as increasing their ability to latch onto the breast.

With Joeyband™, 97% of moms have more skin-to-skin contact. Skin-to-skin has been proven to calm parent and baby, releasing hormones that relieve stress and stabilize your baby's temperature, breathing rate, heart rate and blood sugar, while lowering mom’s stress levels and promoting healing. 

Mobility can be a challenge when practicing skin-to-skin with your newborn, but the Joeyband™ helps by enabling hands-free movement. Whoever has baby on their chest can read, pet the dog, crunch in some emails or use a fork and knife to eat dinner with. The Joeyband™ can even be used as support in a grocery cart, or on flights to keep baby in the correct burping position for take-off and during travel.


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