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Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

Hospital bag checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad 

Hey Dad, Here’s What You Should Pack for the Hospital for You, Baby and Mom

Hospital bag checklists are essential for Mom and baby, but Dads or partners need hospital bags too! Labor can last anywhere between one and eighteen hours, so it’s safest to prepare a bag to see you through a couple of days in hospital.

Here’s what to pack in your hospital bag for labor.


Top 10 Things to Pack in Dad’s Hospital Bag

Labor Bag Essentials

  • All the important paperwork, including photographic ID, your insurance card and the name and phone number of your baby's doctor. Call ahead to your hospital or birth centre to check what paperwork you need to bring. 
  • Phone and charger to give those all-important updates to friends and family! Make sure your contact list is updated beforehand, too.  
  • Change of clothes. You’ll be sleeping in a chair or bed near your partner’s hospital bed, so make sure your clothes are comfy. You shouldn’t wear anything you’d worry about getting dirty, either - babies can be a pretty messy affair, after all! 
  • Camera or video camera (in addition to your phone) to capture those first family moments
  • Toiletries 
  • Snacks
  • Medications
  • Eye glasses, if you wear them.

Bonus Items for Hospital Bag

  • Massage oil to help ease and comfort your partner through their labor.
  • ‘Push present’. This recent trend includes a partner gifting Moms something special right after the baby is born. It can be jewelry, a print, a gift certificate or anything that gets across your appreciation, that you think your partner would enjoy the most.


dad skin to skin

The Joeyband™ Belongs in Your Hospital Bag

Skin to Skin with Dad

Because the benefits of skin-to-skin include breastfeeding, pain relief and bonding, the practice can be misinterpreted as exclusive to Moms and babies. However, the truth is that skin-to-skin supports your baby’s development no matter whose arms they’re in. It’s important that Dad can step in to give Mom the chance to shower, message friends and family back, or get some rest while baby and Dad benefit from skin-to-skin bonding.

Since 30% of hospitals across the US unfortunately don’t yet support immediate skin-to-skin for post C-section mothers, it’s particularly important that Dad can use the Joeyband™ for when Mom isn’t yet able to safely practice skin-to-skin.



Bonding with Your Newborn

Contending with nine months of Mom bonding with baby before the little one has even arrived, it's common for some dads to feel a little alienated when it comes to navigating father-baby bonding. The good news is, skin-to-skin contact is one of the simplest and most effective ways for dads to bond with their newborns. Research by Dr. Nils Bergman skin-to-skin shows just 30 minutes of skin-to-skin with dad actually rewires dad’s brain!

When a Dad brings baby to his chest, it releases Oxytocin - also known as the 'love' or 'feel-good' hormone. Dad's testosterone levels also decrease, making both Dad and baby feel lighter, more relaxed and at ease when sharing these new and special moments. With a higher sensitivity to and awareness of baby’s needs, Dad is likely to feel more tuned-in to his infant and more confident about their parenting skills.

In fact, Dads who have practiced skin-to-skin are shown to be more interactive with their kids, and report a stronger bond with them long term. The Joeyband™ is available in three different sizes to accommodate different shapes and body frames, making it a modern, more inclusive way for all parents to safely practice  skin-to-skin contact with the newest member of the family.

Read more about the five main differences between the Joeyband™ and other babywearing products.

Printable Hospital Bag Checklist

Whether baby is arriving vaginally or via C-section, here are some hospital bag checklists for Mom and baby. 

For the C-Section Due Date

  • Soft, comfortable underwear for Mom, including nursing bras
  • Soft slippers 
  • Flip flops (for Mom to shower in after surgery)
  • Soft robe
  • Long dress (to the knees), or a nursing tank and high waisted loose pants.
  • Joeyband™
  • Toiletries, including pads for post-surgery bleeding
  • Snacks
  • Medications
  • Eye glasses, if you wear them

Grab and Go Hospital Bag

  • All the important paperwork, including photographic ID and your insurance card 
  • Phone and charger (with up-to-date contact list)
  • Change of comfy clothes 
  • Toiletries 
  • Snacks
  • Medications
  • Eye glasses, if you wear them
  • Joeyband™

Clothes for Baby

  • 3 Long-sleeve side-snap shirts
  • 2 Pairs of baby socks
  • 2 newborn pacifiers
  • Newborn diapers
  • Blanket for the journey home 

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