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The 5 Differences Between Joeyband and Other Babywearing Products

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The world of babywearing products is a saturated market, and can feel overwhelming to new parents. There are wraps, slings and buckle carriers that are designed for anything from running errands to a day at the beach. It can be difficult to know which product does what, and how it will benefit you and your baby.

The first patented, skin-to-skin product to hit hospitals and homes across North America, the Joeyband™, is designed for new parents to safely practice skin-to-skin contact and bond with baby  - whether it's hours after birth or into the first few months of your child's life - or, 'The Fourth Trimester'.

In this post, we outline the 5 main differences between Joeyband™ and other babywearing products.

The Joeyband™ Mimics the Womb and Soothes Baby

Made from Nylon Spandex (imagine your favourite yoga pants), the Joeyband™'s unique, patented design mimics the womb, and its elasticity is something you won’t find with other skin-to-skin products. The Joeyband™ hugs baby to you, maximizing contact and ensuring baby stays in the proper, safe position. This is naturally soothing for both baby and parent, and babies held this way are less likely to cry.

Health care professionals recommend maximizing on skin-to-skin contact as often as possible in the first weeks and months of life. This is to promote the baby’s physiological development, increase their ability to latch onto the breast and so much more.

Acting as a natural incubator, having their parent's warmth from skin-to-skin contact also enables babies to stabilize their body temperature, regulate their heart rate and breathing, and maintain a healthy blood sugar level. You can find out the many other benefits of skin-to-skin contact in our blog post: The Science (And Magic) Behind Skin-to-Skin Contact.

It's Designed for Use in Both the Hospital and the Home 

Originally launched for use in a hospital setting, The Joeyband™ can be found in over 300 hospitals across North America, including leading ivy league academic institutions.

Certain medical room procedures mean that some moms who deliver their babies via Caesarean may find it more challenging to support their baby immediately after birth. The Joeyband™'s patented, simple Velcro wrap-around design provides mothers with the support necessary for skin-to-skin contact.  Regardless of how babies arrive, the Joeyband™ is designed to support women to practice safe skin-to-skin contact with their newborns during this special period of time.

The Joeyband™ is now becoming increasingly popular for new parents in the home as it allows wearers to practice hands free, safe skin-to-skin contact with their newborn during the Fourth Trimester and beyond. However, unlike products like slings, wraps and structured carriers, the Joeyband™ is not weight-bearing, and should not be used as an infant carrier or for co-sleeping.

The Joeyband™ is Very Easy to Put On and Take Off 

Made with an easy, durable industrial messenger-style Velcro closure, the Joeyband™ removes any complications associated with other babywearing products, and takes the wearer literally seconds to put on and take off. Wearers need to simply wrap it around the torso, keeping the velcro to the backside. Pull the band down, place baby on your chest - we recommend upright, in the center of your chest, babe’s head above the breasts and with the face visible - and pull the band up to the nape of baby’s neck.  This simple design means that when you remove the Joeyband™, you can transfer baby seamlessly from chest to crib.  

It Has Adjustable Sizing To Fit Different Body Shapes and Types 

Since babies are - as a general rule (!) - pretty tiny as a rule of thumb (!), the Joeyband™ is designed to fit snugly based on the adult wearer’s size, and will then stretch to accommodate baby. With three different sizes to accommodate different shapes and body frames, the Joeyband™ can be used by a mom, dad, older sibling or grandparent to help care for and bond with baby through skin-to-skin contact. With an adjustable Velcro closure, each size has 21 inches of adjustability, providing a more universal fit for different caregivers and changing bodies.

  • Size A - 24” - 45”. This fits up to a US dress size 16.  Most average builds will fit a size A.
  • Size B - 39” - 60“. Size B fits US dress sizes 12-26.  Most plus-size builds will fit this size.
  • Size C - 54” - 75”. Size C fits US dress sizes 3X - 7X. 

Because the baby will be placed high, with their head above the breasts, we recommend measuring around the top of the rib cage and nipple line to ensure a snug fit! 

There’s No Neck, Back or Shoulder Strain 

The Joeyband™’s Velcro fastening means there is no strain on the wearer’s neck, back, or shoulders. Parents will appreciate the absence of jingling bucklers, confusing straps, or unexpected discomfort in changing from a standing, sitting, or lying position.

Being a new parent can be terrifying, overwhelming and extremely difficult as you adjust to life with a baby. We at Joeyband™ believe there's no reason why baby care items should be especially difficult for parents wanting to practice safe, comfortable skin-to-skin snuggles. 


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