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Joeyband™'s Top Hospital Bag Essentials

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You’ve officially reached the home run before baby arrives: the wait is almost over and anticipation levels are high. Congratulations, it’s almost time to join the world of parenthood! 

Preparing your hospital bag can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. The good news is, we’ve done some of the legwork for you!

Draft up your hospital bag checklist today with the help of our top 8 maternity ward essentials.  

Parent-proof Underwear 

If you’re choosing to breastfeed, parents of a newborn will soon discover how quickly breastfeeding becomes a big part of everyday life! Accessibility and comfort are therefore key to making the process as fluid as possible for both you and your baby. 

Look for non-wireless, cotton nursing and sleep bras to make your breastfeeding journey as hassle-free as possible. We love Canadian brand Ella Bella for simple yet stylish nursing bras.  

We also can’t recommend Aisle enough for its comfortable, sustainable underwear. Designed for people with periods, Aisle’s environmentally friendly briefs and pads can handle postpartum bleeding, too. (And they’re Canadian!)


Comfy Sweatpants 

Let’s face it - most of us have been living in sweat pants for the past year, anyway. So the transition from home to hospital should be fairly seamless! Pack a pair of elasticated sweatpants or pajama pants in your hospital bag for maximum hospital comfort. Hospitals can get warm, too - so bonus if they’re lightweight!

If you’re looking for local and sustainable products, we recommend (and get 10% off your first order!) 



OK, so we’re biased - but the Joeyband really is a new parent’s best friend (ask our customers!). The only skin-to-skin product that can be used in all hospital care settings and at home, the Joeyband™ aims to remove some of the anxiety that affects both parent and baby as they get used to their new realities.

Made from Nylon Spandex (imagine your favourite yoga pants), the Joeyband™ is designed to ease the transition from womb to world. So whether you want to maximize skin-to-skin contact, encourage breastfeeding or calm yourself and baby down with safe, secure cuddles, the Joeyband™ can do all of it and more. Find out how!



Just like any overnight stay, don’t forget to pack toiletries! Toothbrush, toothpaste and a tube of deodorant are obvious essentials, and cleansing face wipes are a quick, easy way to freshen yourself up. Hair ties are also super handy for keeping your locks out of your face when you’re washing, breastfeeding, resting or cuddling your new bundle!

Some of our favourite toiletry products and companies are:

You might also want to pack your own towel for an extra slice of comfort while you’re away from home. 


Flip Flops 

Whether you’re taking a shower, paying a visit to the vending machine or walking the hospital corridors, flip-flops are a comfy, hygienic way to get around. It's a good idea to pack a couple of pairs to make sure you’re covered.

Going Home Outfit for Baby 

When considering what you may need on the maternity ward, it's easy to forget about an outfit for the new addition! It may sound obvious, but when you’re organizing baby’s clothes for the journey home, bear in mind the season.

A bodysuit, booties and hat are fine for the warmer months. Winter babies will need mittens, a warm jacket or a snowsuit to keep them cosy, though. We love Canadian company Bambi and Birdie’s range of comfortable, ethically made and eco-friendly sleepsuits for newborns. They even do matching pajamas for parents!



Delivering a baby is one of the toughest things your body can go through. As a result, dipping energy levels will require replenishing!

Non-perishable snacks like rice cakes, dried fruit, cereal bars and nuts help provide slow-release energy to see you through the day (or night!), but pack whatever you feel like eating, too! One of our favourite brands is Made with Local.

Phone, Charger and Headphones

Because where would we all be without our phones? We guarantee you’ll want to take lots of new snaps of your precious new addition, for starters. When visiting hours are over or baby is asleep? Chill out with a podcast or some music, before the lovable chaos that is parenthood brings you back down to earth! 


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