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The Joeyband™ Brand Update: A Letter from the Team

Prevent infant fall Joeyband

Over the last several years, what had initially started out as a patented invention to focus on preventing infant falls, has shifted into a company-wide vision to help change the world. 

Not only is the Joeyband™ supporting clinicians in saving newborn lives and improving newborn health outcomes, but our vision, and what we are working towards, is that the Joeyband™ becomes an essential tool that is used to help shift humanity to a healthier lifestyle - right from day one. 

Our product, the Joeyband™, is centered around inclusivity, ease and safety. With a gender-neutral design and softness of materials, its elements work together to make you and your baby’s skin-to-skin story one to be cherished through the years.

Promoting Inclusivity 

At Joeyband™, we know parenting doesn’t have one particular face. Parents exist in many shapes and forms, and it’s important that our product reflects and accommodates this. 

Available in three different sizes, each with 21 inches of adjustability, the Joeyband™’s design already provides a more universal fit for different parents and caregivers. 

Our online brand’s new, natural colour palette aims to reflect the diverse range of skin tones belonging to parents around the world. We want to promote a product that celebrates new life - and new parenting adventures for you and your family. 

Embracing Sustainability

We recognize that making and delivering products has an impact on the environment and health of our planet, and as such we will be reevaluating our practices to reflect our sustainability values. 

The Joeyband™ is already made locally in Toronto, not overseas.The products we do ship arrive in compostable packaging - and we plan to make all Joeyband™ packaging compostable by 2022. 

Further. with a lifetime of two years, the Joeyband™ also outlasts other skin-to-skin products, which tend to expire after around six months to one year. 

Advocating for Mothers

Championing mothers has always been central to our company ethos. Too often, new or expectant mothers can come up against discrimination or misrepresentation. At Joeyband™, we want you to know we see you, we hear you, and we’re here to help you. 

It’s important for us that we create a solid sense of community when it comes to our brand. We want parents to feel safe, validated and free of judgement when they come to our platform. This is a message we hope to amplify to the wider world by continuing to donate and support organizations that work to change the landscape for maternal health and equity. 

We’re ready and proven to be the first stress-free choice to support your Fourth Trimester. We want you and your family to enjoy the benefits of safe skin-to-skin care, forge bonds that are as special and unique as your new addition, and enjoy the magic of motherhood - in all its many forms! 

Let us help you through early parenthood with our unrivalled skin-to-skin product, designed to protect your newborn’s safety and promote their development. The Joeyband™ is changing the standard of care in maternal and infant care. We invite you to join us as we begin this new chapter together.

You’ve got this!

The Joeyband™ Team