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The Joeyband™ in Action: How it Helped Parents of Newborns

prevent baby falling off skin to skin

From more confident cuddles to stronger milk production, there’s a whole host of reasons why new parents love the Joeyband™. As well as enabling important skin-to-skin time, the Joeyband™ gives new parents the freedom of using their hands while bonding with their newborn!

We can explain the benefits of the Joeyband™ until the cows come home, but this week we're letting some of our customers do the talking! We love our Joeyband™ mamas, and will now hand it over to them to describe their experience after their baby’s birth, and into the fourth trimester. 


Ashleigh, Ottawa 

Twin-Mom Ashleigh had heard about the Joeyband™ brand in local parenting and babywearing groups. However, it wasn’t until her babies were born in July 2018 that she first tried it. Having given birth to premature babies, Ashleigh spent a lot of time in the NICU, where she used the Joeyband™ for extended periods every day. 

“Those hours of skin to skin that I managed to get in because of our Joeyband™ were so important, and wouldn't have happened without the product”, she says. Outside of the hospital, Ashleigh wore the Joeyband™ at home with her babies for at least a few hours per day. “The Joeyband™ let me have hands-free cuddles, while one baby napped, while still allowing me to have my hands free to help my toddler.”

One of the benefits of skin-to-skin contact is an increased milk supply to support breastfeeding. It's been shown that skin-to-skin snuggles allows the colostrum (the first, nutrient-rich breast milk to protect baby) to flow more easily, while helping mom produce more of the hormone Oxytocin, which also improves milk flow and bonding.

Ashleigh noticed her own increased breast milk production as a result of wearing the Joeyband™, and she was able to safely tandem breastfeed in public until her twins were able to sit unassisted. This gave her increased confidence in handling not one, but two newborn babies! 

 “There's barely a learning curve to it”, she says. “It's quick and easy to put on, and it's comfortable! I wish every hospital had them on hand to use during delivery and afterwards”.


Katie, Florida

Katie decided to look into the Joeyband™ after a Labour & Delivery nurse at a local hospital suggested she try it. “I had a C-section at a hospital that doesn't routinely practice ‘gentle C-sections’, with immediate skin to skin contact", Katie says. 

For mothers who deliver their baby via Caesarean, it can be challenging to safely hold baby immediately after birth. The Joeyband™'s patented, velcro wrap-around design gives you and your baby added security for safe skin-to-skin contact.

“I didn’t hold my first son for over an hour after my C-section at the same hospital", Katie explains. "Bringing the Joeyband™ with me provided us with safe, immediate skin-to-skin care after he was delivered. It was something I was longing for, and the Joeyband™ made it a possibility.”

 “Immediate skin to skin in the OR was very emotional for me, and something I am so grateful to have experienced”, she says. “The Joeyband™ allowed us to have safe skin to skin contact on the OR table, and we got to maximize that after-birth Golden Hour!" 


Misty, New York 

One of the biggest benefits of the Joeyband™ is its versatility. In the hours after birth, it's ideal for moms and preemie or C-section newborns to share skin-to-skin contact, and the Joeyband™ can also help support your bump or post-partum stomach!

“I was fortunate to have a full-term baby with no complications, but still found the Joeyband™ to be useful both in the hospital and at home”, says Misty. “It allowed me to maximize my skin-to-skin time in the hospital, and helped me to breastfeed because it supported my baby without the need for a pillow. This took some of the strain off my back and neck, and when I wasn’t using it to hold my daughter, I used the Joeyband™ to support my newly postpartum belly.

"It’s so soft and comfortable to wear - I was able to put it on and take it off unassisted because it secures easily with Velcro. Once it's in place, you hardly notice that it’s there. I definitely recommend the Joeyband for all new parents!”


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